2 x  Zims Tribe Orange Habanero Chilli & Tomato Sauce

1 x Zims Tribe Spicy relish

2 x Zims Tribe Infused Oil 

1 x Shores of Africa Coconut Bisciut Thins Pineapple

1 x Shores of Africa Coconut Bisciut Thins Mango

1 x Shores of Africa Coconut Bisciut Thins Original

1 x Pucketts pickles Pea & Mint Ketchup

1 x Pucketts pickles Pear & Apricot Chutney

1 x Strp'd Tigernuts Flakes

1  x Caroboo Choco Bar Coconut

1 x Caroboo Choco Bar Orange


 A range of festive goodies to tide you through the Rudolph Season and give your larder some festive sparkle! Spicy, tantalising and oh so yummy!!

Rudolph Hamper

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  • Bundle includes

    ZIMS TRIBE -  range of habanero sauces, condiments and infused rapeseed oils promise to pack some punchy flavours into your everyday foods, from the comfort of your own kitchen. Unique flavours, no additives, colours or sugars, gluten free and plant based; let Africa come to you.

    SHORES OF AFRICA - Range of Coconut Thins are oven baked crunchy cracker biscuits, Coconut snacks which are tasty, moreish and a perfect partner for tea, dips and even ice cream! Ingredents used are free from; gluten, wheat, eggs, dairy, oil, and refined sugar. They are also GMO free

    STRP'D TIGERNUT FLAKES - Tigernut, an ancient root vegetable that hails from West Africa. Has a creamy, sweet taste. Tigernuts boost immunity, keep you full for longer, enhance your gut health & a natural aprodisiac, Best way to start your morning - high in antioxidants, high in fibre, paleo & anti-inflammatory

    PUCKETTS PICKLES - At Puckett's we are passionate about using as much local produce as we can. We use the freshest ingredients so that they are picked and pickled in the shortest time possible, locking in their delicious flavour.All our range is 24 calories or less gluten free and vegan.

    CAROBOO - We have created a range of gluten, dairy free and vegan bars that taste ridiculously chocolatey but are not choc at all. They are full of carob, creamed coconut and all of the good stuff nature has to offer! We use either organic or sustainably sourced ingredients and all our bars come in brilliantly designed, home compostable packaging. Vegan, dairy & gluten free bars

    All products are 100% plant based.