Habanero Chili & Tomato Sauce
Infused Rapeseed Oils
Plant Based Kitchen Condiments

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Our Tribe

At Zims Tribe, we believe good tasting food and quality ingredients should be available to everyone.
Our time honoured traditional recipe, has been passed down through the generations and is unique to the Nigerian ethnic heritage. Growing up in Nigeria is how my intense love for punchy spicy cuisines and melding of flavours was nurtured. Yes, I blame my dearest Granny and my Mum, Helen! Almost every meal was prepared from scratch using a plethora of fresh produce, herbs & spices. Punchy flavours and aromas wafting through our house was the norm.
Inspiration also comes from my in-laws from Andalucía, Spain. Sandra and Murphy, both fine vegetarian chefs, producing their own Pickles, Jams and Chili sauces. They have been a guiding light as we strove to produce our rich earthy flavours.
Our Sauces and Infused Oils will definitely make your tummy smile.
Discover something delicious today!
Love Andrew & Janine

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